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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Has any other parent ever felt this way? You try and try, and this is what you get for your effort...

Thanksgiving 2008

This year for the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to make the trip through Dallas to Foreman, Arkansas to see family and friends. We stayed with our Aunt Barbara and then met up with most of the extended family for dinner on Thursday. The girls were ooh'd and aah'd over (of course!) and we had great food and a good time!

Gigi and Claire with their Aunt Barbara

On the way back home, we stopped in Dallas to see some good friends. We treated the girls to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and let them run around and play, and boy, did they have fun!

Gigi sliding out of the hamster maze

Claire loving the clock swing

Those Silly Girls

For Claire's first birthday back in April, the girls' Nana bought a Bounce & Spin Zebra that both little monkeys loved. Well, six months later, it looks like it's still a hit!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Boy's Baby Shower

The big day is almost here and to help us prepare for our little boy, wonderful friends threw us a baby shower. We got all of the women, men and children together for a night of fun and great food. We are now closer to being ready for the big arrival- and even more excited!

the Mom and Dad

Claire's not so sure about this

Miss Social Butterfly

the big party

dancing and twirling

he's already a "Babe Magnet"

Baby Boy

stay tuned to find out more...

sweet Pooh Bear feet

Saturday, November 8, 2008

G Monster's Birthday Madness

Well, we're finally settled in our new house. No, boxes aren't all unpacked, but we thought it was time to have a birthday party to celebrate Gigi turning three. We ended up having a blast and not caring that our house was a mess! The kids got to run around and play on the new playscape while the adults were caught up in the UT/Baylor game. We indulged in greasy pizza and decadent whipped cream cookie cups.
Everything was a complete success (and fun)! Happy birthday Gigi!

She got all three candles!

quiet kiddos (for the moment)

Yay, it's my birthday!

yummy dessert!

Glamour Girl

"Say cheese!"
Claire helping her sister open presents