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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crowe's Nest Farm

In Gigi's preschool class, there are three field trips that they make. The first one, in the autumn, is to Crowe's Nest Farm. This is a local farm that rescues and takes care of animals that cannot be released back into their natural environment. They also have hay rides, pumpkin patches and gorgeous gardens. The Texas fall weather had set in a few days prior to our trip, but on this day summer decided to have one last hurrah. It was the hottest day in over a month! We were sweaty and smelly, but, boy we sure had fun!

milking the cow

hay ride

baby ostrich (very rare!)

Deacon with his friend JWP






Gigi's class picking out their pumpkin

Mr. I Am Hot And Sweaty And I Am Not Amused

School Bound!

One of the ways we have been incredibly blessed this year was through the local First Baptist Church. They have a Wee Ones Preschool program that we were able to get Gigi into (after spending many months on the waiting list). During our walk-through at the school, I happened to ask about being a substitute teacher to see if there was a possibility of getting a break in the tuition. As it turned out, the school director had been praying about hiring a new teacher's aide for the infant classroom, and felt like I was God's answer to her prayers. Wow! We were able to get all three of our children enrolled, I pay for their (reduced!) tuition from what I make, and I still bring home a few pennies! The best part is- I love my job! I love the environment; I love the gals I work with, and I know my kids are getting a good jump start in their education.
Like I said, we're incredibly blessed.

First Day of School

Steve's Birthday

In August (yes, two months ago, sorry) Steve celebrated his 35th birthday. Apparently the hot Texas weather was too much for him, because he decided on ice skating as his celebration activity of choice. The cold ice was actually a refreshing change from the warm, sticky air outside. We left the kids with good friends and enjoyed time together doing something that we rarely get the opportunity to do. We had fun!

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