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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

School Bound!

One of the ways we have been incredibly blessed this year was through the local First Baptist Church. They have a Wee Ones Preschool program that we were able to get Gigi into (after spending many months on the waiting list). During our walk-through at the school, I happened to ask about being a substitute teacher to see if there was a possibility of getting a break in the tuition. As it turned out, the school director had been praying about hiring a new teacher's aide for the infant classroom, and felt like I was God's answer to her prayers. Wow! We were able to get all three of our children enrolled, I pay for their (reduced!) tuition from what I make, and I still bring home a few pennies! The best part is- I love my job! I love the environment; I love the gals I work with, and I know my kids are getting a good jump start in their education.
Like I said, we're incredibly blessed.

First Day of School

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