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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Confirmed!


We had our 20 week appointment with Dr. Cowan today with the mid-pregnancy anatomical ultrasound. Baby looked very good and healthy and very active. Everything was where it should be and looked to be in working order. We were also able to confirm that this baby is definitely a boy!

what a sweet face!

bits and bobs between the femurs :-)

Also, here are some comparisons between this pregnancy and the last one:

Baby Love:
  1. blood pressure: 102/60 (low- normal for me)
  2. weight gain: 5 pounds
  3. Baby's heart rate: 150 bpm
  4. cravings: HEB Creamy Creations Intense Chocolate


  1. blood pressure: low
  2. weight gain: 2 pounds
  3. Baby's heart rate: unknown
  4. cravings: none

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