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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation- Saturday through Monday

This last week, we took our biennial trip to Southern California to see friends and family. After waiting at the Austin airport for 6 hours and flying standby **eek!!** we finally arrived in California at midnight. We were all exhausted, but didn't have any time to waste, so we hit the ground running. We woke up early to attend Sunday morning services at our OC home church RockHarbor, and then met many of our dear friends for lunch.

Later on we were able to leave the kiddos with Nana and Papa and go to La Creperie. Rusticana- YUM!! This is a restaurant that we started going to right around the time we got engaged and when the restaurant was still a hole-in-the-wall and very quaint. What a treat this was for us!

Monday Steve went to his office to see his co-workers and I went to visit the Waymans and introduce Gigi and Claire to their new son, Ethan. We also left a present for them in the form of Cheerios sprinkled all over their carpet. Sorry!

One of the things we got to enjoy while here was Claire's first spaghetti dinner. Isn't she cute?!

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