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Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation- Through the Storm

Unfortunately our time with the Longs was short lived. We still had to drive through Oklahoma, Kansas and half of Colorado to get to our destination. We were very blessed that the spring storms decided to take a break during most of our drive. Right before we left most of Tornado Alley was alive with thunderstorms and tornadoes, so we knew that there was always a possibility of being delayed by the weather. We were safe until we were about 50 miles from the Kansas-Colorado border. At that point the clouds darkened and we were hearing severe weather warnings on the radio telling us of thunderstorms with 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts. The storm was really intense and very scary! At one point we considered pulling off the road and waiting it out, but we were driving behind the big trucks and figured if they could keep going, we sure could too! Afterward, we were so glad that we didn't stop, because if we had we would have missed the best part of the storm- the full double rainbow! WOW- talk about gorgeous! It sure made the uncertainty of driving through the storm worth every minute.

heading into the storm

during the storm
the light at the end- storm's almost over!

our prize!

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