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Friday, January 1, 2010

We are able to give because He first gave

And, boy, were we blessed this Christmas. Of course, it is most fun for us to give to the little ones. We all had a great time, because they were old enough to appreciate the activities. We woke early in the morning, then woke the kids and let them annihilate the living room. Later that afternoon, 20 or so of our friends came over to enjoy dinner with us. The house was full with adults and kids running around, and it was such an enjoyable Christmas.

by the chimney with care

Parisienne playhouse

finally... boy toys!

Is this the face of a future doctor?

the destruction

They'll hate me in the future, but this was too cute!

We're now slightly into our new year.
New year, new projects, new happy times.
We wish you much love and many blessings during this new year.

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